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Fun and Frivolity by Linda Smith . Price £11 plus £4 postage and packaging.


"Fun and Frivolity, Nineteenth Century Amusements in Gravesend" is a new book by Lynda Smith who wrote the History of Rosherville Gardens a decade ago.  After ten years research, this new publication describes the various entertainments in Gravesend during the nineteenth century and how the development of steamboats and sea bathing started an influx of summer visitors so great that Gravesend became the Ibiza of its time.  Between 1830 and 1850 thousands of Londoners poured into Gravesend to enjoy the many amusements on offer, including pleasure gardens, the theatre, gambling games, donkey rides, tight-rope walkers, balloon ascents and firework displays.  This was Gravesend's Golden Age when the town prospered and expanded.  Lynda Smith then gives the causes of the town's decline into a workaday town, entertained by touring theatre companies and the music hall in various forms,  The book is 128 pages long and lavishly illustrated.


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